Yifeng Zhao Citadel创始人


赵驿峰是湾区*Top房产和贷款Broker之一,也是高地房产的Managing Broker,过去5年已经为超过1000个家庭提供房产或贷款的帮助,2021成交量超2亿美金。 

赵驿峰曾在高科技公司团队管理300人担任总经理,就读Foothill College和UC David 经济和会计学*,目前拥有房产和贷款的Broker 执照,验房师执照,公正员执照,房产和伤亡,人寿和健康的双重保险执照。

As one of the Top real estate and loan brokers in the Bay Area, Zhao Yifeng is also the Managing Broker of Highland Real Estate. In the past five years, he has provided real estate or loan assistance to more than 1,000 families, and the transaction volume in 2021 exceeded 200 million US dollars.

Yifeng Zhao served as the general manager of a high-tech company team with 300 employees. He studied economics and accounting at Foothill College and UC David. He currently holds Broker license of real estate and loan, home inspector license, justice license, real estate and casualty, life and health insurance license.

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